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Why customer experience is the key to increasing ecommerce conversion rate

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

10 reasons why ecommerce businesses should focus on customer experience

The future of customer service is already here; we're amidst a technological change that will make customer care obsolete. People will view companies that don't invest in excellent digital products and customer support as relics from the past ten years, much like record shops.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, you must establish strong customer relationships. By investing in ecommerce customer experience, your business will gain loyalty and improve brand equity. If you want to improve your ecommerce conversion rate, you should make customer experience a priority.

This implies that, by 2021, you'll have to put design and usability at the center of your customer care approach for the final time. If you don't provide genuinely intuitive experiences over the next decade, you will lose clients to firms that do.

The Focus of Customer Experience

Every company, whether it produces goods or services, must focus on meeting customer needs. Therefore, solutions for business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) relationships should be designed from the people who will use them.

Customers have to feel like they are part of a journey that culminates in a practical solution: Every step of the way, they must see how their choices and actions led them there. If you don't do this effectively, you'll lose customers to more intuitive sites.

Here are several reasons why an ecommerce business should invest in customer experience:

1) Good ecommerce customer experience leads to brand loyalty for better growth

Customer Experience helps ecommerce businesses to grow by improving brand loyalty. People patronize certain brands because they are satisfied with the services and products produced by the company. So if your business has an excellent product or service, your clientele will remain loyal even if competitors offer better deals.

That's because a happy customer trusts nothing more than an already trusted source of something he wants. Trust in itself leads to referrals, and it's these referrals that help build stellar businesses.

2) Good ecommerce customer experience leads to more sales

When customers buy an item online, they are generally unaware of its return policy or general reputation. Only when your clients have had a good customer experience on your ecommerce site, that they become aware of these things. When this happens, there's more probability of making future sales easier when new buyers trust your business and products due to prior positive experiences.

To sum things up, when companies can connect their campaigns effectively with the goals of their marketing activities, they can start seeing ROI. Put another way, one brand's success is a different message for other brands about what statements may or may not work in certain situations.

3) Good ecommerce customer experience reduces customer acquisition cost

Customer Experience reduces customer acquisition costs. Imagine the amount of money you need to spend to get a potential client's attention, compared to making an existing customer happy.

Every business requires marketing campaigns to increase revenue, and if your product or service is worth it, good reviews will do all the work for you. Today's consumer reads through positive reviews and testimonials before they patronize your services. An e-commerce business without satisfied customers won't be able to generate positive word of mouth.

Today, the internet has turned into one big information highway because of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. With news feeds from blogs that also serve as portals for consumers around the globe for their daily needs.

Most people make buying decisions because of word-of-mouth and referrals, which is why an e-commerce business should invest in customer experience to encourage clients to refer their friends and family to patronize your brand.

4) Good ecommerce customer experience leads to better revenue flow for long-term success

Happy customers can help improve a company's revenue flow. Companies that focus on improving customer experience can increase their value from each transaction by at least 5%. This also helps businesses meet their sales goals faster than before.

It can also help improve the company's revenue flow which is beneficial in the long run. In addition, satisfied customers are likely to provide free advertisement for your business and encourage them to send more referrals than before.

5) Good ecommerce customer experience gives you a competitive advantage

As more and more online shops spring up every day, it becomes important to stand out in the crowd. Happy customers can help you achieve this, giving you an edge over all your competitors because potential clients will see how much effort and time you put into maintaining happy clients.

By focusing on customer experience, e-commerce companies are likely to have happier customers who refer their family members and friends when they need products or services offered by these businesses. Satisfy customers become loyal patrons, which benefits the company in terms of the bottom line and helps build a sustainable business.

6) Good ecommerce customer experience helps you to save on operational costs

Customer Experience reduces operational costs by helping companies figure out where their problems lie, how they impact customers, and what can be done to fix these issues.

You can invest this saved money in other areas, which will help improve the customer experience even further. In addition, companies become more efficient and updated with the latest trends, making them better at providing their clients with products and services they need.

7) Good ecommerce customer experience helps you get more customers (SEO)

Customer Experience helps your business get more organic traffic on Google searches. With many online shops today offering similar products at competitive prices, it is getting harder to maintain the flow of new customers. It's just not enough anymore to have a good-looking website because everyone has that now.

The solution? Well, happy customers are likely to post positive reviews and feedback online about your brand, which will encourage others to shop on your e-commerce store.

8) Good ecommerce customer experience enhances brand reputation

Brand reputation helps make or break a company's success. Investing in the customer experience boosts brand reputation over time, increasing essential trust among consumers who patronize your products and services. This also helps increase sales while reducing marketing costs at the same time.

Your online review strategy should make it easy for clients to provide valuable feedback. For example, rewarding customers with discounts, gift certificates, or even an item on their next purchase- all when they post positive reviews is an excellent way of promoting your brand's image.

9) Good ecommerce customer experience builds trust and confidence

Positive reviews from clients help build trust and confidence in your company. If you get more positive comments than negative ones during the first few months, you spent building a business.

This way positive customer experience helps to streamline expansion. If you need to open more stores or start selling overseas, the business needs to maintain an image of trust and quality.

10) Good ecommerce customer experience leads to better partnerships

Customer Experience helps companies make connections with other businesses, especially as they grow. This allows businesses to focus on what they do best while getting help from different companies for other essential components like suppliers and investors. Customer experience is a great starting point when companies start looking for ways to grow their business.

For example, let's say you're a bakery with a line of delicious organic bread. If your end goal is to expand into catering for significant events, you may want to partner with event planning companies that can offer the services and food you can't. As you already have positive customer feedback, you are likely to be taken seriously and have an easier time making connections.

How to achieve great customer experience for your ecommerce store

There are various ways in which businesses strive to achieve a successful customer experience. For example, e-commerce companies have been engaging customers through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They also set up live chat support where clients can post any concerns or ask questions they need answers to right away.

Here are some tips on boosting your customer experience:

  • Set your objectives and goals meaningful ahead of time, and keep them in mind at all times!

  • Make sure you have a consistent client experience across channels and don't forget about the offline world.

  • Deliver exceptional service, no matter what it takes.

  • Keep your promises and ensure that clients get great value for their money.

  • Don't be afraid to get creative as you look for ways to make every client feel special.

  • Make sure all of your employees are in line with your brand's image and know-how to provide excellent customer service at all times.

  • Train everyone on the importance of looking after clients – this includes bringing them back again and again!

  • Be honest and open while communicating with all clients, always.

  • Listen to what your clients have to say and act on their feedback whenever possible.

  • Remember that time is limited when it comes to customer experience, so gather helpful feedback from clients along the way. Don't forget about social media sites like Facebook as one of the most effective tools in monitoring customer experience.


The internet is one big information highway, and we are here to stop people from getting lost by sharing our experiences with them. If your experience was good, share it with us to help other companies improve their services/products while knowing what to expect so that we won't end up wasting our money trying something new again. Let's help each other out!

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