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How we found the perfect Convert Dial logo (it took 18+ designs!)

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

It took around 14 years to find the right name for Convert Dial, well not quite 14 years but it sure felt like it! I'll have to tell that story in a different post. Once the name was sorted and the domains secured then it was time to create a winning logo. So back to the drawing board and another decade of designs, colours and fonts!

I engaged the lovely Veronica from Little Logo Lab to help me out, but what kind of logo did I want? At this point, the entire Convert Dial team was involved and by the whole team I mean me. I was the whole team. I only had my own ideas and my own judgement to go on. Could it be done?

I started by giving Veronica a brief, what is Convert Dial, who is it for and what are some logos I like?

In case you are wondering, I took inspiration from two very trendy SaaS products - Airtable and Slack - simple logos with pops of colour, boring they were not! And if there was one thing I didn't want, it was a logo that was dull or boring.

So we started with a few designs, they didn't quite feel right. I am a big fan of following my gut (I have spoken about this before) and my gut was telling me they were not 100% right.

Anyway, I started by researching other logo designs and looking at websites for inspiration. I found that some logos were too complicated and others too vague. Then I saw a few designs on a graphic website. One showed lines with dots to show customers - I loved that! Another showed a dial within a circle.

I quickly sketched out a rough guide for Veronica. It was terrible but she saw the potential in it!

Then we tried a few more, every time Veronica would send me a new design I'd give my honest opinion and keep things moving forward, but something just wasn't quite clicking.

I remember showing some of the designs to my husband and telling him about a particular design and he said, "wow that one is good!"

Hmm. I wasn't 100% happy with it though. Then we jumped back to an earlier version which I thought was better but I had spent so long looking at the last few designs it didn't feel right, my mind was playing tricks on me.

I ended up taking a break for a few days then returned with a refreshed pair of eyes. By this time we had landed on three things

  • The dial - a crucial part of the design

  • Customers - signifying how Convert Dial helps reach and convert more customers

  • Colours - a panel of colours to make the logo 'pop' and look modern and fresh

Then just one more....and that was the winning design. I wasn't bowled over by it at first, but after a while of staring at it you just get used to it and slowly start taking things in - pops of colour, customer symbols instead of logos - Convert Dial is all about making things better for small business owners so this really appealed to me.

Now I had to choose from a variety of colour schemes, I asked my cohort at the accelerator and there was no clear winner!

I also asked some of our early customers to help choose a logo, they chose A8 and A9

After a few days of feedback from around 20 people I still needed to change the Convert Dial logo a few times to make it more appealing until it felt just right

I definitely did not want a logo that looked too complicated or was difficult to decipher. I wanted the Convert Dial logo to stand out from the crowd but also be simple enough for customers to understand what Convert Dial does.

I was now on Convert Dial logo version 14 or 15 by now, I can't remember! It was looking great, but the more research I carried out, the more I realised Convert Dial needed a logo that is instantly recognisable.

After 18 Convert Dial logo designs it seemed my Convert Dial logo project was complete and my Convert Dial logo was finally ready to launch.

Some people may find designing a Convert Dial logo an easy task but after 18 Convert Dial logo designs I can say it was not an easy design process. It took patience, gut instinct and crowdsourced opinions. I hope you enjoyed this Convert Dial logo adventure!

What do you think of our logo? Let us know in the comments! Sign up to keep up with all our news and updates

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