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How to increase conversions with personalised discounts and offers

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

When you sign up for Convert Dial, its because you want to unlock the recipe for high value conversions. You want to identify high-value customers to increase your conversion rates and lower your conversion costs without any extra effort on your part.

If you already use Convert Dial, then you know which of your customers are predicted to make a purchase in the future. But what do you do with this insight? We've already identified the best prospects for your store - they just need some motivation from you with the right offers or content

Here are three simple marketing strategies you can use to turn your high value, high conversion customers into shoppers.

Use discounts and vouchers wisely to increase Shopify conversions

The thrill of a good deal is something that both consumers and Shopify stores crave. Retailers want to keep their customers happy so they'll come back, while the customer wants to feel like they're getting more for less!

But don't just send out an ordinary promo code - here are 4 things you can do to make the offer irresistible!

Make it attractive - appealing discounts convert more

There are two aspects to any discount, the method and the strength.

  • The method is what is on offer such as free shipping, % off or $ off

  • The strength of the offer is how deep the discount is, a higher value discount is more likely to convert but you do not want to compromise your profits by going too deep!

So how do you choose what discount to offer your customers?

If you have used discounts in the past, review the data from your ecommerce store (contact us if you need help with us) to see which types of discounts are the most successful

Secondly, why not try a few? Split your target customer group into 2 or 3 groups and send each of them a different offer and see which one works best. For example, if you had 300 customers you plan to target you could do something like this

  1. First 100 customers - free shipping on your next order over $50

  2. Second 100 customers - Get 10% off sitewide

  3. Third 100 customers - Get $10 off when you spend $50

What works for one store may not work for another which is why you need to conduct your own experiments and keep testing your market

Make it limited - put a time limit on your offers to convert faster

Always, and we cannot stress this enough, always have a time limit on your discount codes

Creating a sense of urgency is a powerful motivator and conversion strategy. People have a 'fear of missing out' so don't forget to follow up with a reminder closer to the time limit! See the last point for more on this topic.

How long should your offer run for? Between 3-7 days is optimal. Anything more and you risk fatiguing your customers and incurring unnecessary ad costs. Exceptions are events like Christmas which we will delve into in a different post

Make it unique - use a different code for email vs social channels

We recommend creating a unique code for every offer across each marketing channel you use.

This way when the orders start rolling in you will know exactly which channel is the most successful at converting your offers!

And as a bonus, you will have accurate conversion insights down to individual order and customer that are not reliant on third party cookies or web tracking.

Make it unforgettable - unique offers convert more

On average it takes 7 touch points across various channels before a customer shops

Now this number varies quite a lot by industry and market however, you can safely assume that your customer will need to be 'touched' by your communications at least 3-5 times before they shop within a certain time window.

What this window is likely to be for your store can be found in your Convert DIal dashboard.

Email marketing is a powerful conversion tool especially because its personalisable, trackable and free (mostly). It is also incredibly effective when combined with other paid marketing channels along the user journey.

Why does this matter?

Well, creating an offer and sending it is only the start of the journey. You will get much better results as well as more conversions at a lower cost by first being targeted in your approach (with Convert Dial's help!) and second, nurturing the customer towards a sale.

So here's how you do it. We have used a simple example for a straightforward customer journey so feel free to adapt this approach for your store.

  1. First create your unique discount codes. One code for every type of offer and every marketing channel

  2. Split your target customers into groups (as many groups as offer types) and send them their limited time offer by email.

  3. Follow up with a reminder email if they do not open, click or shop

  4. If they visit your site, retarget them on Facebook or Google with the unique discount code for each channel

  5. If they add to cart but do not checkout, do the same

  6. Send a reminder email 12-24 hours before the end of the offer

Once your campaign has ended it is time to evaluate your success! We explain a simple way to calculate ROI by channel in another post

Did you know that most people shop online in the evenings and nights? Time your emails to go out when people are relaxed, at leisure and less distracted!

So what does this look like for a customer?

Let's start with an example, suppose Convert Dial recommends one of your subscribers Emma as likely to convert soon. So you decide to launch a conversion campaign and include Emma in it

Suppose you sent Emma a voucher for free shipping over $50. You sent this to Emma via email first. Emma saw the email but didn't click on it. Later that night she sees an ad for the same offer, this time she clicks it and explores your website but does not purchase anything. The next day at her lunch break, Emma gets a reminder email about the offer. She clicks into it and completes her purchase!

Here are some last few tips to run a successful conversion campaign

Don't forget to always

  1. Chase those abandoned carts with an automated email sequence

  2. Retarget cart abandoners and site visitors on Facebook and Google

Both these steps are really simple and cost effective ways to retain and convert a warm lead

As always, your website is your biggest asset so make sure it is optimised for conversions

  1. Have a painless checkout experience

  2. Offer easy payment solutions such as AfterPay, one-click checkout and guest checkout

  3. Make it easy for visitors to find what they want and make a purchase

Remember, while our algorithms are highly sophisticated and freakishly clever, we cannot make your customers shop, we can only identify the customers who are highly likely to shop and help you reach them. The rest is upto you!

See how Convert Dial makes it easy to convert more customers and get more sales with a 14-day free trial

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