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How to convert more by selling less! Use scarcity and exclusiveness to increase conversions

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

It's crucial that you give your customers something that sets yourself apart from all these other brands who have been fighting over their attention already.

With the recent explosion in e-commerce, your customers are constantly bombarded by thousands of new product launches and special offers every week. Your competitors are spending thousands of dollars on expensive advertising campaigns so it becomes difficult for you to achieve the same reach without a similar budget.

The good news is that by using Convert Dial, you are identifying which specific customers are likely to shop soon. This allows for the creation of targeted marketing campaigns and sales promotions at the right time to capture your customers' attention.

One of the most successful strategies for customer service is to offer your customers something special that other companies cannot provide! This plays on a psychological principle called "the scarcity effect"

Humans love feeling like they are winning in some way, so by making them feel special and thanking them for their loyalty you will build an emotional connection with your clients. Making people feel valued encourages ongoing patronage--which should be one of your main goals as a business owner since it leads to increased sales revenue!

Here are three ways to do that:

Limited and exclusive pre-releases

It's a good idea to promote new products before they launch publicly. Offer these at discount prices, and you'll find that your most loyal customers will be the first ones in line for them!

The best way to execute this is through exclusive offers that are only available for a small group of people who have been identified as the most likely to convert. Combine this with a great discount offer and your customers will not be able to resist!

Think about what are some exclusive products you can offer that would be desirable to your most powerful segment. Offer these early and at a discount to an select group of customers who are most likely to shop with you.

Which customer can resist an invite only, early access sale where they can snap up your newest and best products at a bargain? This play on scarcity marketing is bound not only to get people excited but also make them feel special while they purchase their new items.

TIP: use the Convert Dial recommended groups of 'Convert' and 'Engage'

These limited-time and pre-release offers often encourage loyal shoppers to make impulse purchases and help convert your most valuable visitors into paying customers.

Start your sale in the evening

Most impulse purchases occur after 7pm, when System 1 Thinking takes over. That's the part of our brain that is autonomous and instinctive, making quick decisions which are like store sale signs going off in your head.

In the morning customers use a more thorough process for decision-making with System 2 Thinking: they remember how much money spent last time and whether or not it was worth it so maybe they'll decide to wait till next week before buying again.

But at night, all of that changes. That's when System 1 kicks in and the customer is most likely to impulsively buy a product they saw earlier on social media or online from your store.

This means that your ecommerce store can sell more by starting your sale in the evening!

Offer exclusive services to add value to favorite products

Build excitement for your brand by offering a complimentary service with the purchase of any product.

For example, if you sell skincare, offer an in-person or online skin consultation to all those who buy from you first. Or if you sell homewares and they need some help decorating their home? Offer design consultations- it's one more way that you can make your customers happy!

By adding value-added services, you're ensuring your customers are happy and satisfied by building a better relationship between your business and customers

You can use this opportunity to get a better understanding of their needs and preferences on products

This way they feel special AND like they are getting much more than what's on the receipt. They know that in addition to the product's original price tag they also have other benefits from using your store!

Countdown timer

Create a sense of urgency around your limited time offer by creating a countdown timer on your website

The countdown clock is the ultimate deal-seeker's thrill. You see it on Black Friday and know that if you don't buy now, you're going to miss out. However, this tactic can be applied in other ways as well!

For example: try adding a countdown timer to your website for any limited time offer or sale event - they help increase conversions because shoppers are more likely tap into their impulse shopping habits when there’s something available for such a short window of time only.

Limited stock offers

When you invite your customer is invited to an exclusive sale event where the products are limited, it creates a sense of urgency and encourages customers to buy quickly before all stocks run out.

There are many apps on the market that allow your customers to see how many items of any product they can purchase, and these messages encourage them to buy quickly before stocks run out.

You could also use this technique with social media campaigns such as Facebook ads where limited edition products can be promoted to loyal customers or those who just want it now, while a countdown timer tells all others exactly when they'll have chance again.

When your customers are excited and motivated to take action, they will want to purchase as much as possible. This means putting aside their usual reservations of thinking too carefully of whether they really need something or not.

Customers love to shop products that are new, limited in quantity or exclusive. This is because their brain’s reward centers experience the same type of dopamine response as when they win money from gambling! Try running an exclusive and early release sale with your most motivated customers and let us know how much sales you were able to get!

Here are some last few tips to run a successful conversion campaign

Don't forget to always

  1. Chase those abandoned carts with an automated email sequence

  2. Retarget cart abandoners and site visitors on Facebook and Google

Both these steps are really simple and cost effective ways to retain and convert a warm lead

As always, your website is your biggest asset so make sure it is optimised for conversions

  1. Have a painless checkout experience

  2. Offer easy payment solutions such as AfterPay, one-click checkout and guest checkout

  3. Make it easy for visitors to find what they want and make a purchase

Remember, while our algorithms are highly sophisticated and freakishly clever, we cannot make your customers shop, we can only identify the customers who are highly likely to shop and help you reach them. The rest is upto you!

See how Convert Dial makes it easy to convert more customers and get more sales with a 14-day free trial

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