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5 more tips to increase conversions on Shopify

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Have you read our previous post with 5 actionable tips to increase conversions on Shopify? If you implement any of our tips, let us know in the comments! If you have any tips you would like us to feature, let us know as well and we will give you and your business a shout out on our page

1. Use upsell and cross-sell offers to increase sales

Upselling and cross-selling are customer strategies which increase the average order value. They increase profits by offering additional products to customers at the point of purchase, when they're more likely to buy.

Upsell is when you increase the size of the original order, whereas cross-sell involves adding in an entirely new product that wasn't originally required. For example, a customer might be buying some new headphones and you could encourage them to buy a carry case along with it – or in retail speak, 'Cross-selling'.

You can use artificial intelligence to identify the products that are often bought together or products that naturally go well together. For example, if you sell dresses, then offering jackets, shoes and bags that match the outfit can increase order value - this is cross selling. If you sell appliances, you can offer additional insurance or an extended warranty - this is upselling

If you need help working out what products will be the most successful for upsells and cross sells, contact us and we are happy to help. There are many upselling and cross selling apps you can try for your store. Do you have a favourite? Let us know in the comments!

2. Improve Site Performance and Speed

Today's consumers are busy, they want things to happen quickly and the easier you make life for them, the more likely they are to shop with you. In fact, according to a study by KissMetrics , increasing site speed can increase sales from returning customers by 86%!

Google and other search engines also allocate more weight to site speed when ranking sites in their results. After all, why would they show someone a slow site when there is another one at the top of the page that works faster? In fact, almost half (46%) of all visitors expect a web page to load within 2 seconds or less.

According to a study , increasing your site's speed from 5 seconds to 2 seconds could increase your revenue by up to increase Shopify conversions by 9%.

That's a huge increase and it something that ecommerce businesses need to be aware of! We will go into how to improve your site speed in a different post

3. Personalise Recommendations with AI

Today consumers expect businesses to treat them as individuals, rather than just another customer. One way in which companies can increase conversions is by using artificial intelligence (AI). Not only is it a great way of increasing sales, but it can also help increase customer loyalty.

Some of the benefits of using AI include:

  • increase customer satisfaction

  • increase engagement

  • increase brand awareness

  • increase sales

Convert Dial uses AI to predict customer behaviour so you can personalise your store experience, communication and marketing to each individual customer. Click here to find out more

4. Optimize for Mobile-First Experiences

Optimising your Shopify store for mobile is becoming more and more important, with Google now giving preference to sites that are mobile friendly. The increase in mobile sales is already staggering. According to BigCommerce, mobile ecommerce sales accounted for 34.5% of total ecommerce sales in 2017. This year mobile ecommerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales

If your store is not optimised for mobile, then lots of potential customers could be slipping through the net

What makes a good site for mobile?

It's simple - a site which is easy to navigate, with quick load times. Users should be able to find what they want in 2-3 clicks and if there are any issues, it's easy for them to get in contact. There are plenty of ecommerce stores which have done an amazing job at optimising their mobile experience to increase conversions.

Take Dyson. Their site is a breeze to navigate and the product images are really easy to view, with zoom functionality available. This allows users to have a good look at exactly what they're buying before purchasing. They have kept it simple, with easy to click buttons to increase your basket and search functionality which allows you to find any items easily.

What are the drawbacks of a poorly optimised mobile site?

If your site is not up to scratch or users struggle to navigate, they could either leave your site due to a poor user experience. So make sure your site is optimised for mobile to increase conversion rates

5. Automate Sales, Discounts, and Pricing

There are various ways that businesses increase their marketing efforts to increase traffic, promote brand awareness and increase conversions. One of the best ways is through pricing and discounts. You can increase conversions by offering your customers sales, discounts or promotions from time to time.

You can increase conversions on Shopify with price optimisation by having pricing and discounts automated to increase revenue and save time.

You can also set up email flows to win back abandoned carts with an irresistible offer or to convert subscribers to shoppers by automatically sending each one of them the right offers that are most likely to convert based on their behaviour.


Convert Dial can help you to predict your customer's future behaviour, cutting down the time and cost of conversions. Find out more here


Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned Shopify veteran, it never hurts to learn how to increase your conversion rates. As we wrap up this blog post on 5 tips for increasing conversions, we want to leave you with one final takeaway—if you need help in the future, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team is here and ready to chat about what could be holding back sales in your store

We have plenty of tricks up our sleeve that can drive more traffic and conversions without lifting a finger. For example, did you know that Convert dial predicts customer behaviors so you can create an automated and personalised marketing campaigns?

Try it out if you want to convert more customers and increase revenue with less time and cost

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