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4 ways to increase conversions on Shopify by predicting customer behaviour

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Let's be honest, we all know that our customers are busy. It can be hard for an store owner owner to understand what motivates people to buy from them instead of a competitor. That is why predicting customer behaviour is so important!

What is predictive insights? Predictive insights help to increase ecommerce conversion rate by using data to increase the likelihood of a customer making a purchase, or increase spend.

Predictive insights can help increase your conversion rate by learning from your customers behaviour. You can then provide the right content at the right time to the right customer to increase Shopify conversion rate by creating a more personalized experience for your customers.

Predict which customers are most likely to buy

If your store gets lots of traffic but not enough conversions or if you have a large email base but they aren't purchasing from you then this solution is for you. It's important to understand what features, about certain types of customers, can increase the likelihood of new and repeat purchases and increased spend.

This is commonly done using artificial intelligence algorithms like the ones Convert Dial uses. For example, if you knew that your customer Emma is likely to shop again this month, you could send her a 10% discount code to encourage the purchase!

Why do you need it? Well, you can spend less by creating personalized and targeted multi channel marketing campaigns aimed at these customers who are already ready to shop! This gives you lower conversion costs, more sales and bigger orders.

Remember, predicting customer behaviour is only the first step, you will need to take steps to make the conversions happen!

Predict when customers are most likely to buy

Predict when people are most likely to buy. Today, tomorrow, next week or next month? Knowing not just WHO is likely to shop buy WHEN is critical as well. You don't want to waste advertising dollars on a long running campaign if customers are only likely to shop within two weeks! Neither do you want to turn a campaign off early if it needs a couple more weeks to be effective.

Why do you need it? If you know who is likely to shop and when, you can tailor campaigns to increase conversion rates. This will also increase ROI because you are more efficient with your advertising spend.

For example , if you are running a Facebook campaign and want to increase the ecommerce conversion rate for your store with a specific group of customers, run your ads from today for one week because that is the peak predicted conversion time. This way you are reaching not just the right customers but also at the right time. So you can catch their attention before they go to another competitor who can fulfill their order in time.

Predict what specific products customers are most likely to buy

You can increase your ecommerce conversion rate by automatically suggesting the best products to customers that are most likely to convert into a sale.

For example, if a customer buys a red dress then you can increase conversions by suggesting that they also buy a matching handbag. making suggestions about products that correlate with their previous purchases. This is done through correlation analysis, which matches data about customers previous purchases, to increase the likelihood of a future increase in order size.

Predict when customers are most likely to churn

We also use this data for identifying churn and cart abandonment customers early on before they go elsewhere. We can increase your Shopify conversions by predicting when people are most likely to churn and then increase the amount they spend with you.

Predict cart abandonment to increase your Shopify conversion rate

One way to increase conversions on Shopify is by predicting when a customer has abandoned their shopping cart on your website and increase the likelihood that they will complete their order.

We can increase your conversion rate by predicting when cart abandonment is likely to happen and increase the likelihood that they will complete their order.

If you're looking to predict which customers are most likely to buy your products, when they'll most likely make a purchase and what specific items they might be interested in buying, the Convert Dial can help. We also identify trends among those who churn so you know how best to reach out and retain them before it's too late! Try convert dial today with a 30 day free trial and see how much you can grow your business with predictive marketing.

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